I just returned from holidays, and my family and I went to the snow. This is the first time that I’ve actually had a snow holiday, and so the whole thing made me feel a bit like a small child again, excited and enjoying something genuinely new.

Our church is looking towards a new season in our life at the moment, as we launch our new Vision on Sunday August 26th. We are planning for the next ten years and what they might hold for us at St. Mark’s. One of the things that I appreciate about following Jesus is that he seems to lead us constantly into new things, often which we couldn’t have understood or anticipated beforehand, if we are willing to trust him. One of the last things in the Bible is a vision of God saying to everyone gathered before him, ‘I am making everything new!’ (Revelation 21:5).  In thinking about the future of St. Mark’s I am excited to look forward to genuinely new things for me and our community, as we experience what God has in store for us.

I would like to encourage all our St. Mark’s members and friends to join us on August 26that our services, to hear about our new Vision, to celebrate our history and the faithfulness of God to us in years past, and to pray and encourage each other about how we can be part of God’s mission in the Hills in this new season.