Listed on this web page are the various policies of St Mark’s church. Click on the policy you wish to review or download.

Why these policies have been published in this way
The reasons are as follows:
Firstly they are easily accessed by the members of St Mark’s and those considering becoming members.
Secondly, making the policies easily and widely available helps to hold the St Mark’s leadership (staff, Parish Council and Wardens) accountable to the policies and to the people of St Mark’s.
Thirdly, policies’ being readily available improves communication within the church.

Policies Reviews:
Parish Council review all policies on an annual basis.

P-001 St Marks Incident Protocol Process

P-002 St Marks Documentation Policy

P-003 St Marks Working with Children_Police Check

P-004 Non-compliance to policy and procedure

P-005 Policy related to the Memorial Garden

P-006 Property Repairs and Maintenance Policy

P-007 Social Media and Digital Communication Guidelines

Parish Council Code of Conduct

Childsafe Policy 2018