Mens Ministry


The Men’s ministry at St Mark’s is a key and deliberate outreach focus recognizing that:

  • There are not many organised Men’s forums/events to share with fellowship opportunities in the hills area
  • St Mark’s want to reach out to the community and genuinely show that we care about Men needing to relate and connect with each other in a safe and supporting/uplifting environment.
  • Men in regional communities(including the hills we live in) can become isolated and in some cases feel withdrawn without healthy opportunities to reconnect with each other.

At St Marks, we have 2 forums to address these needs.

1. Men’s Shed Nights
Meds Shed 2Each year, two to three Saturday night’s are scheduled with Men hosts who have interesting sheds on their property. With some advance planning, hosts are secured and promoted in our St Mark’s Church and wider community of friends, neighbors etc for a site visit. Sites in the past with really interesting equipment and stories to share have included Vintage car private collections, Farm sheds, Lumberjack sites etc etc. Meds Shed 1There is usually a gold coin collection on arrival to go towards the supper provided on each evening. Car pooling is also provided from St Mark’s Church for those needing transport.



2. Men’s Community Breakfasts
Mens Min FoodSt Mark’s has hosted near to 20 Men’s community Breakfasts on Saturday mornings over the last 6 years. Each breakfast starts briskly at 7AM and concludes sharply at 8.30AM so men can quickly resume their normal Saturday routines after a fully cooked breakfast, hearing from an interesting guest speaker and great fellowship. Mens Min SpeakerA small fee upon arrival goes toward the breakfast food. Speakers in the past have shared interesting stories/topics including, Impersonator(comedian Ben Price), Men’s health, Relationships, Trust, Aviation, Customer service, Building panel of speakers- building tips, Hiking panel of speakers, 3rd world country challenges, Historical musician, African orphanages(Machine Gun Preacher), Environmentalist, Astronomer, Sleep ,workload and fatigue, 3rd world crops / plantations, Emergency management & community readiness, Home finance and budgeting etc etc.