Church Services

St.Mark’s has four congregations that meet each week. Different congregations cater for people of different ages and tastes, but all have a vibrant community of local people. Whether you want a traditional experience of church, a contemporary modern experience or even a loud and energetic experience there is something for you. Even the kids meet weekly as a group in the hall adjoining the main auditorium.

What should I expect? First things first, just relax. You will be with people just like you. Whether you have been here many times or never been to Church before, you can anticipate an encouraging and enlightening experience.

Our services are designed to be relevant and meaningful to everyone. No in-house jargon or cringe worthy chanting, our aim is to present the ageless truths of the Bible in a compelling and practical way.

As a guest with us on a Sunday, we won’t be asking you for any money, so don’t stress when we give a little during the service. We give money so that our church can contribute to the community and pay the bills, so be our guest and just sit back.