Sunday Kids

Learning How to build and strengthen faith.

Kids Church meets every Sunday of the school term, during the 10am service, in the hall behind the auditorium. Kids from years prep to 6 enjoy activities and games enabling them to make new friends and build deeper relationships. Music, games, teaching and age appropriate groups are all included to help children learn practical ways to apply the Bible to everyday life. Parents are welcome to be involved in this program in a variety of ways.

KinderKids meet in the portable behind the Children’s Centre every Sunday of the school term at 10am. The children learn through games, stories, music and interactive activities. Parents are welcome to participate in the Kinder Kids program.

Sparklers. The Children’s Centre at 5 Church Street has a purpose designed room for children from 2 – 4 years old. Every Sunday of the school term they meet at 10am for a program designed to introduce them to the love of God. The team who care for these children provide activities, games, stories and music that engage each of the little ones. Parents are welcome to be part of Sparklers any time.