EST – Emerald

estShared Responsibility
Safety for the community is a shared responsibility between State based organisations and agencies, Municipal Councils and most importantly the ‘at risk or affected’ community themselves. Dealing effectively with an emergency in an ‘all agencies, all hazards’ philosophy requires all organisations, agencies and the community working in partnership. The Emergency Support Team (EST) model provides a vehicle for community involvement in that partnership and whereby a community can lead its own recovery processes following an emergency.

Emerald Pilot Program
Assuming in an emergency the town only has access to its own resources, members of the Emerald Emergency Support Team may be the only recognised body available to provide leadership and support to the people of the town. EST personal are selected on

Individuals who are not otherwise engaged in combatting the emergency
Attendance at structured training and exercising
Being equipped and branded as EST personnel
The ability to select and establish a Community Support Hub as required

Further Information
For further information read the File_Link Fact Sheet or contact Wayne Collins
Ph. (03) 5968 4460