This page has resources for our ‘Dreams and Visions’ sessions this year. The next session is Sunday February 21st at 10.45am in the church hall.

The vision statements that we will be working with are:

  1. We are a community of believers welcoming, valuing and including all people; using our spiritual gifts in service to each other, with as few barriers as possible, to create history with each other.
  2. We are a community driven to an authentic, intimate and continually transformed life in GOD.
  3. We are expectant that God is using us, as we grow together and equip each other. We are able to explore our part in the Body of Christ, in an atmosphere of grace.
  4. We are seen as a key part of the Hills community, beneficial to and attractive to many groups/cohorts/individuals, because we reflect the reality of a healthy relationship with God, through Jesus.
  5. We are a community that is listening, hearing and supporting.

For a video explaining more see below: