Our playgroups run on weekdays in the school terms at the St Mark’s Children’s Centre, 1-3 Church St Emerald.  We currently run two sessions in the week one each on Tuesday and Friday. Groups run between 9:30am and 11:30am. 


Our goals are:

To provide a safe and welcoming venue where children are supervised by their parents and begin learning social skills
To provide fun, developmentally appropriate activities for children to learn through play.
To encourage caring, loving and respectful relationships between all members of playgroup in and outside of the playgroup setting.
To explore Christian values and beliefs through program content and connection with other programs at St Marks
To be a place of community participation through family contribution to the running of playgroup.

Cost is $40 per term for each family which includes craft, tea and coffee for parents and use of facilities and equipment.

A free trial is offered to new families. 

All families contribute a piece of fruit weekly for children’s morning tea

Parents are encouraged to do duty a couple of times per term which includes cutting up fruit for children; bringing something yummy for parents morning tea and cleaning up after the session.  

To register your child for one of our playgroups click here or below.