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The Bereavement Journey

St Mark's Emerald 1-3 Church Street

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one or struggling with the long-term effects of loss?

We invite you to a six-week journey of reflection.

Thursdays commencing on 22nd July at 1:30pm at St Mark's Church Emerald.

Cost: $40 (concession available)

For more information contact Vivianne on 5968 4046.

  Click Here to Register   Topics Include:
  • Attachment, seperation and loss
  • The impact of pain and bereavement
  • Adjusting to change
  • Anger and guilt
  • Coping with others' reactions
  • Moving on healthily
  • And an optional 6th session on faith questions


"In the group I realised that I wasn't going mad and it was so good to share with others in a safe space."