At the end of this Term on September 12th we are going to have our annual ‘Thanksgiving Sunday’ at St. Mark’s. This is the week of the year when we remember what God has done for us as a church and give thanks for that. And as a symbol of that thanks we invite people to make a thanksgiving contribution towards a special project (or projects) that will hopefully move our mission as a church forward. 

Last year we didn’t have a Thanksgiving appeal because we were in lockdown during that time and we felt that it was not appropriate to have this activity until we were ready and able to move forward. 

So I have two encouragements for you for Thanksgiving Sunday. The first thing is to reflect on what you are thankful for in the last year, and what God has been doing among us at St. Mark’s, and we’d love to hear that. Either you will have a chance to share on the day, or you can send me an email or put in an online connect card with your thanksgiving story. It is very encouraging to hear what God has been doing during a time when a lot of what has been happening has been hidden from our public life when we were in lockdown. 

The second thing is to invite you to consider our Thanksgiving Appeal. This year the Parish Council has come up with two projects to put before you. The first is that we are planning to refurbish the kitchen in the St. Mark’s hall. The kitchen is an integral part of a lot of our ministries of hospitality and outreach, and a good, functional kitchen will help many of our programs and groups to run well. The current kitchen is getting older and needs an upgrade to stay usable and accessible for the years to come. Our second project is that we are asking for donations towards our outreach programs to families, children and youth in the area. For many years St. Mark’s has run programs such as Powerhouse Kids, 5/6, and Playgroups. We call this our ‘Family Life’ ministry now. And these ministries have always run outside our general budget and on special giving and grants. We would like to keep them going for another year. 

Online Pledge Card



As the date approaches we will provide more details about Thanksgiving Sunday and how you can be involved. 

I pray that in the coming year we will be filled more and more with thanks for the many gifts of God that continue in all seasons, and that our joy will overflow in praise and good works for his glory. 

Blessings in Christ, Andrew Bowles