What’s Happening


As we move into the first term of the year, at St. Mark’s we are entering a period of reflection and seeking God’s will for the future of our church. This is a time when we can benefit from listening to each other, and listening to God in an intentional way. This week we are going to launch a survey and discussion process for our members to share their insights about our strengths as a church and opportunities for growth, as well as anything that God is putting on their hearts for the future.  I would encourage you to take part so that all of our voices and wisdom can be heard.

You can find the Vision Survey to complete in the CONGREGATION HUB tab above.

I am also keen for us to spend time in prayer during this time. Personally, I will give some time every day to praying for the future of our church and our community, and I would appreciate those who are able to do the same along with me. Between now and the week before, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8:30-9am I will be opening up the worship centre and spending the time in a service of Bible reading and prayer. Anyone is welcome to join me if you are able. But I would encourage you to pray personally in your time with God and in your small groups as well. We will share some different themes to pray over in the weeks to come on our Facebook page.



THE COMING SERMON SERIES: The Heart of Life, is taken from the book of Leviticus.  For an intro of what’s in store, read Andrew’s blog.