At St. Mark’s we have had close partnership with a number of NFP organisations and events.

These organisations provide wonderful services to our community and we are very proud to be part of their origins and /or continued support:


Emerald Centre for Hope & Outreach Inc. operating as ECHO Youth & Family Services is a Christian based, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping those young people who are struggling to find their place in this difficult world and with families who are beset with social, financial and other major difficulties.


Emerald Carols By the Lake


Community Bible Study (CBS) is a local, non-denominational, community-based Bible study available for everyone. Community Bible Study International, “CBSI in the Hills” has been meeting in Emerald at St. Mark’s Church for 10 years. While we meet at St. Mark’s Church, Community Bible Study is not associated with any church denomination, and we have men and women of all ages from many different churches. The prepared studies are based solely on what the Bible itself says.