Community Bible Study (CBS)

Bible study at St. Mark’s Church

Community Bible Study (CBS) is a local, non-denominational, community-based Bible study available for everyone. Community Bible Study International, “CBSI in the Hills” has been meeting in Emerald at St. Mark’s Church for 10 years. While we meet at St. Mark’s Church, Community Bible Study is not associated with any church denomination, and we have men and women of all ages from many different churches. The prepared studies are based solely on what the Bible itself says.

The program looks like this: Each week you read a set Bible passage and answer questions about the passage. On Thursday mornings we meet and in small discussion groups, people have the opportunity to share their answers, but there is no pressure to do this. Then there is a short lecture on that study followed by morning tea where you can stay and have a chat with people if you’d like. No previous Biblical knowledge is required: In fact, we can give you a Bible if you don’t have one. The only cost is $5 twice a year for the study booklet.

God is the only one in whom we can put our trust. Only He can be relied on in an ever changing world. And the key to understanding God is found in His book, the Bible. That’s where we learn about God’s truth. It’s through studying the Bible that we learn about God’s character, His love for us and His faithfulness. What is important is a desire to find out who God is, to learn about Jesus, to understand what it says and apply it to our lives.

This year we are studying the Book of Acts where we are learning about the beginnings of the First Century Church, and what that means to us today. Why study Acts? Luke, the author, is an historian but doesn’t simply give the readers the facts; rather he engages the emotions within us, from humour to anger to things that warm our hearts. Luke tells us why things happened the way they did; that things happen to fulfil God’s plan. Luke shows us how God is at work through Jesus fulfilling His plan, even today.

Here’s what some in the class have said about CBSI:
“I hate missing a session.” Frank
“I have found CBSI has helped me delve more deeply into scripture and helped me apply what I have learnt in my day-to-day life” Susanna
“CBSI definitely makes me want to listen, provides clear and easy learning and I feel God’s guiding hand each time I study and attend the classes.” Sarah
“Coming to CBSI has helped me grow in my faith, learn more about God and understand how much Jesus loves me.”

We meet Thursday mornings from 10:30am – 12noon, during school terms, at St. Mark’s Church, 1 Church Street, Emerald. Maybe you’d like to come and check us out, or for more information please ring Jim Bunn on 0405 616 988.

April, 2017