At St. Mark’s this Term we are looking at the book of Leviticus, the third book in the Old Testament. One of the big themes of Leviticus is that God’s people are called to be people of integrity. ‘Integrity’ is when the different parts of our life are all in harmony, working together and headed the same direction. In the case of Leviticus, this means that our relationship with God affects how we treat ourselves, how we treat other people, and the kind of lifestyle that we pursue in the world God has made. One of the problems we have in modern society is that the different parts of our life tend to get separated from each other – our relationship with God is seen as ‘private’, and not affecting the rest of our lives. In this season, therefore, we are challenging this separation and asking what it means to follow Christ in a more integrated way. We hope that this leads to great conversations in our community in the months to come about how we can be a transforming influence in our families and in the community around us. – Andrew