By definition, most of us are ‘ordinary’ people. We do similar things to others of the same age as us, we have similar hopes and dreams. But many people dream of being ‘extraordinary’ and living an amazing life, and our society encourages these kinds of aspirations. This can make is hard to feel that our lives are significant or special if we are not particularly successful, important or interesting. Our series at St. Mark’s on the Song of Songs touches on this topic this week, showing us that, when we see with the eyes of love, even ordinary people are glorious and radiant creatures. Jesus showed his disciples in his ‘transfiguration’ that the glory of God was in him, even if not visible to everyone. And all of us are the same as we grow closer to God. This week we honour and celebrate our mothers on Mother’s Day. Mums are often the best example of an ordinary, everyday life that has extraordinary and glorious results, so thanks to all our Mums everywhere and we pray you have a great weekend.