One of the topics that we covered in the, ‘Being the Church’ series on Sunday, was what it means to be a ‘member’ of the church. Is it about how often we come to church on Sundays, or some other thing that we do? In Ephesians 3:1-13 we saw that Paul defines his own membership in the church as being a ‘servant of the Gospel’, someone whose calling is to demonstrate the reality of Jesus to the world.   So being a member of the Church is really about our relationship with God through Jesus.  In the Church the most common symbol of this is getting baptised.  This is the ceremony of being immersed in water as a sign that through faith we are connected to Jesus in his death and resurrection, that he washes us from sin and gives us a new life.   As we say in the Anglican church, this is an ‘outward sign’ of an ‘inward grace’.   We are having a baptism service on October 22nd as part of our week of Thanksgiving at St. Mark’s, so any of our members who are interested in this step of commitment to Jesus should talk to me about what it might mean for them to be baptised.