Most of us would admit that we have a problem with money.  Either we don’t have enough and are stressed by financial pressure, or we’re getting more than we need but paying the price with hard work and strained relationships, or we’re experiencing the many problems that come with inheritances and loans and tax and all the uncertainty of investments.

In our series on Ecclesiastes this week (looking at chapters 4-5) the ‘Teacher’ faces head-on the problem of money, and the difficulties that come to us from chasing it and possessing it. This is a topic that speaks clearly to us in our own time as well. But we can’t live without money, so what can we do?

This week we’ll be trying to figure out what the real problem of money is, and if there is a solution. If we hear what Jesus has to say about this issue, we learn that the real problem of money is not ‘money’, but something deeper that speaks to the heart of our lives and what sustains them.