Small Groups

It’s hard to get to know a lot of people on a Sunday morning. There are lots of people, children are active and others have to get away after the service. But getting to know people is important, necessary even.

To overcome this we have “small groups” – groups of around 10 people who meet together once a week (during school terms), usually in somebody’s home. We say that these people “do life” together. What this means is that;

  • they share the good things happening in their lives
  • they have fun together  – in many different ways
  • they share the not-so-good things happening in their lives
  • they do things together like outings and picnics and things that suit their age groups
  • they encourage each other in their individual walks with Jesus
  • they pray for each other

Small groups allow you to make friends and build up a base of people who care for you and will help you when you need help. They are a great part of our church.

To join a small group contact the Small Group Coordinator- Anne Benc, she can be contacted at the office on Tuesdays.

Alternatively Annes’s email is: