Kids Connect

Sunday Kids Programs:

Kids Connect: At Kids Connect, we have lots of fun, with music, games, activities and bible teaching. All designed to help children learn practical ways to apply the Bible to everyday life. Children leave the service sometime before the sermon, and head to the hall to continue their worship. Bible teaching is usually aligned with what is being taught in ‘Big Church’.

Parents sign their child/ren in at the front foyer, as they enter the service, and sign them out when they collect them from the hall after the service. Parents are welcome to be involved in this program in a variety of ways, and alway welcome to stay with their child.

Sunday Kids programs do not run in school holidays or on long weekends. During these times we run intergenerational services – we call Worship Together, more on those here

At St. Mark’s we love having our kids in services with us, and maintain an intergenerational approach to all combined services.  We encourage parents and caregivers to participate in worship, with their children helping their kids understand what is going on and encouraging them to participate equally with the adults. Services are planned with these inclusive factors in mind, by providing interactive and creative responses in our times of ‘Worship Together’, and roles for our youth and kids to be involved within these services. We also encourage community building with other members of the congregation and wish to foster friendships across the generations.