Emerald Centre for Hope & Outreach Inc. operating as ECHO Youth & Family Services is a Christian based, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping those young people who are struggling to find their place in this difficult world and with families who are beset with social, financial and other major difficulties.

We would classify ourselves as a mid-sized organisation. Small enough to notice individuals yet large enough to have the resources to make a difference. Our large volunteer base help us to make limited funding go a very long way.

Working closely with local schools, ECHO offers a variety of programs that transform lives.

In addition to providing a structured solutions, ECHO also involves itself in crisis care … more

Staff members recruit and train volunteers from the community to assist in the running the various programs and activities. Many of our programs are peer-led. Leadership devleopment and working as teams are fundamental to our approach. ECHO team

Programs include mentoring, counselling, after school activities and camps. ECHO also has several school chaplains in the area at both primary and secondary school levels.

ECHO Inc. is a public benevolent institution, donations are tax deductable.

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