Last week at St. Mark’s we began our series on ‘White Space Christmas’, thinking about the encouragement to ‘worship fully’, and to make honouring Jesus the centre of Christmas in the way that the Wise Men did. This means for us to grapple with what it means to ‘worship’. Worship is the practice of giving honour to someone or something. The Bible is an extended story of the struggle of God’s people to truly and faithfully worship God with all their hearts. We find it so easy to be distracted by lesser things and to create ‘idols’ of them. Worship is therefore a process of lifelong learning about how to put God at the centre of our lives. As we talked about, this means wrestling with how we spend our time and our attention. Christmas is a time when this struggle becomes even more clear to us as we become busier than ever. So as we come together to worship this week I encourage you to consider what you have to learn about the ‘art’ of worship, and whether there are people you can learn from about how to do this well. Also let’s encourage each other by sharing the things that we do to include honour and remembrance of Jesus into our everyday lives. Even a little bit more ‘white space’ will make Jesus stand out more for us and for those around us.