Here at St. Mark’s we’re working through our ‘White Space Christmas’ series, and thinking about the kinds of issues that make it hard for us to include Jesus in our Christmas celebrations, or even have a balanced life at this time of year. While it’s interesting to think about Christmas and all the traditions and opportunities for festive fun that we have in December, the real point for us is to see how these issues ripple out to the rest of our lives outside of Christmas time. How much of our lives is filled with the busy activity and consumer culture that takes the space that could be given to God and enjoying life with him and with each other? Christmas just makes it more clear how much this is the case for us, and hopefully gives us a challenge to make changes as we go on into the New Year. This challenge will be one that we focus on at St. Mark’s in 2018 in our teaching and equipping.

This week and next week we will think more about the positive side of celebrating Christmas well, about how we might be authentically generous and inclusive of others, building positive relationships that will show the love of God in our lives.