Christmas is now just over a week away, either coming way too fast or agonisingly slow depending on your point of view (and probably your age!). We are finishing our ‘White Space Christmas’ series this week, thinking about how Christmas affects our relationships. We all know that this can be a difficult time for our families and community, as busyness and social obligations often bring us to a point where we are stressed and get into conflicts with each other that can ruin the whole season.  The story of Jesus’ birth reminds us about God’s view of relationships, and his humble and caring approach to our world. We might find it hard to hear because the Christmas story is so well-known now, but what it actually tells us, is about a very quiet night, the birth of the Son of God in a small town, which was witnessed only by a poor family in Bethlehem and a couple of shepherds (and a multitude of angels!) These relationships are quiet, harmonious and humble, as Jesus took on human nature as a servant. We are reminded at Christmas of our own calling to be people who serve humbly and share the good news, bringing reconciliation and healing to the relationships around us.