Christianity is a funny religion, because it has a number of ‘rough edges’ in it that can’t be smoothed away without ruining the whole thing. These tend to get brought up at our major festivals, Christmas and Easter, where we are confronted with ideas like the virgin birth, the Cross, and the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. It would be a lot easier to sell the Christian faith as a sensible philosophy of life without these things, but then without them there wouldn’t be much to sell except telling people to ‘be nicer to each other’. So, if we are serious about exploring what Jesus taught and who he was we need to grapple with these rough edges. We are coming up to Easter in two weeks, and thinking about what it means for Jesus to die on the Cross. This is a huge topic that can be approached many ways. We are thinking particularly at St. Mark’s about the personal significance of the Cross for those who were closest to Jesus at the time – his mother Mary and his friends John and Peter, as well as what it meant for Jesus himself. The Cross actually holds great depths to help us understand the experience of God in our lives and what it means to follow Jesus and his Way. So I invite you to join us on this Easter journey.