This Sunday at St Mark’s, we’re finishing our series of teaching on the topic of ‘Being the Church’, from the letter to the Ephesians. For me, looking at this sort of topic impresses me with how big the reality of the ‘Church’ actually is.  God’s plan is for all of creation to be full of his presence and glory, and in the end that is what the Church is actually about.
This huge scope presents us with a challenge, which is that if we are going to ‘be the Church’ in a more authentic way there are many different paths that we can go down and many ways to grow and develop. The question for St. Mark’s, and each of us, is which path God is calling us to explore at the moment. Are we called to know and live more about our salvation, about reconciliation, about service, about our vocation in the world, about how to live with holiness, or how to love as Jesus did? This is a question that will occupy us for the next period in the life of our church.
If God is speaking to you about this question, as leaders at St. Mark’s we want to hear about what you are hearing from Him. God calls us to be the Church and to grow together as a community.