Being the Church – Official Trailer

When I go to the movies, I always try to get there early so I can see the trailers (I’m happy to miss the ads for going to the candy bar). Seeing a good trailer can build anticipation for something that I’ll enjoy later. This post is my ‘trailer’ for our sermon series ‘Being the Church’ starting this week. We’ll be covering Paul’s letter to the Ephesians over 10 weeks. This week we look at the idea of stories and how the Church is part of the story of God’s work in our world. This starts to open up for us the many facets of being the Church, such as:

  1. Being in Christ
  2. Being Saved by Grace
  3. Being Reconciled
  4. Being Servants
  5. Being in Love
  6. Being a Team
  7. Being like God
  8. Being in the Light
  9. Being in Relationships
  10. Being Strong in the Lord

This just scratches the surface of what it means to be part of the Church, which is a very exciting calling for anyone. I’m looking forward to this series, and I hope that you join us or listen along on the sermon podcast.