Our Building Blocks: #1 – Theology

Last week I wrote about how our goal as a staff team here at St. Mark’s in the next six months is to develop and communicate the building blocks of our future vision as a church. When we talk about ‘building blocks’ what we mean are those key parts of our church’s life and organisation that surround and support everything else that we do. For a church there are a few key building blocks, one of which is our theology. ‘Theology’ means our beliefs about God, and also about everything to do with God – how do we know God, what is God like, how God acts in the world. For Christians all of our theology is centred on Jesus and what he has told and showed us. So our theology as a Church is how we understand and relate to Jesus. Part of this is what it means to be a Christian, and what it means to be a Church. We need to have an understanding of this that is as full and complete as possible if we are to know what God is calling us to do. That is why we are spending time this term in our sermons on the topic of ‘Being the Church’ from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. A clear understanding of who we are, the story that we are in, and the purpose that God has for the Church, is a necessary building block of any future vision that St. Mark’s will have. So I’d invite our members to join in on this conversation, and if you can, keep up with our sermon series either in person or on our podcast. Then we will be in a good position to do our building work together in the future.